Quote of The Day

"Ernst Neumann. I'm Verin's husband." Ernst's accent placed his origins squarely in the neighborhood of Berlin.  "Why not let Diana go after him, Schatz? That way you can follow.  I know how you hate to miss a good argument.  I will wait in the salon for the others."

"Good idea, my love.  they can hardly fault me if the witch escapes from the kitchen." Verin regarded him with open admiration and gave him a lingering kiss.  Though she looked young enough to be his granddaughter, it was obvious that she and Ernst were deeply in love.

"I have them occasionally," he said with a definite twinkle in his eye. "Now, before Diana runs off and you give chase, tell me: Shall I take a knife or a gun with me in case one of your brothers goes on a rampage?"

Verin considered the matter.  "I think Marthe's cleaver should be sufficient.  It was enough to slow down Gerbert, and his hide is far thicker than Baldwin's---or Matthew's."

  The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness.


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