What the Wenches Are Reading

Happy Release Day! It's Chicagoland Vampires release day, and some of the Wenches are eager to dive back into Chloe Neill's world of vampires, shifters, and sorcerers with Blood Games. Still other Wenches are trying new series after some heavy non-fiction choices, rereading beloved epics, and continuing the journey with a favorite kick-ass chick.
Click through to see what we're reading, and tell us what you're reading in the comments below.

Amanda:  I have a hard decision to make. I am still tandem reading AFFC and ADWD by George R.R. Martin, and the end is in sight for AFFC! However, Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7) by Ilona Andrews came out last week. I love the Kate Daniels series, and really enjoyed the last released book, Magic Rises (which I reviewed here). I think I know what I should do...stay tuned next week to find out! 
Angela: This week for a change of pace, I read The General's Son by Miko Peled. A thought provoking book about Israel / Palestine and I'm very glad I read it. After reading this I needed something lighter so moved onto Mind Games (Disillusionists #1) by Carolyn Crane. I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. So if you want a new urban fantasy author to check out, I recommend her. Although if you are averse to love trianges in your books then this might not be the series for you.
Anne: I'm taking a break from the Fellowship of the Ring for Chloe Neill's Blood Games! So excited! I'm also going to one of her signings on Friday. Will any of you be there? I'll be wearing my Saucy Wenches t-shirt, so come say hello!
Barb: I finished Silver Shadows in about a day and a half, which is pretty good since I slept and worked as well. Look for a complete review next week, but the short review is that it was spectacular. I'm now back in Chicagoland, rereading Wild Things, and when I finish that I'll read Blood Games again so that I can highlight in my brand new Nook book.
Donna: This week I read Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead. In a nutshell, I loved it! Another solid effort by Ms. Mead in her Bloodlines series.
Kathi: I have been listening to Outlander as an audio book while I’ve been on vacation, and I’m loving every second of it. I also watched the first episode of Starz Network’s Outlander a few (!) times. I really love seeing the words come to life and noting the way that small changes to the show enhance the visual adaptation, and I also love seeing the actors in my mind now as I listen to this book.
Natalie:  Hello Wench Followers! This week I'm still in my Chicagoland re read as I am going to see Chloe Neill again on Saturday. I'm typing my update just hours before I go to see Deborah Harkness. Such a fun week! Happy reading everyone!
Zee: Thanks to the very epic Barb, I got BLOOD GAMES! SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! What can I say, it was fucking epic. LOVED it. Also read and ADORED Silver Shadows! It was a great reading week!!!


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