Fangirl Friday: Frankie J. Grande on Big Brother

I love the show Big Brother (U.S.)! The show is currently in its 16th season this summer. You can read all about the history of the show here. This is a reality show where a group of house guests are secluded from the world for the summer together. The object is to win competitions, make alliances, lie if they have to (and they always have to) to make it to the final two house guests left. The "jury" of evicted house guests will decide which of the two remaining will win $500,000. I love this show SO much that no matter how busy I am, or what’s going on in my life, I WILL find the time to watch the 3 episodes a week that air. I’ve been watching Big Brother since Season 7 when Mike “Boogie” Malin won. If you know the show, he and his bff on the show, Will Kirby (Season 2 winner) are one of the all-time best at this game. I do enjoy watching every year, but this year, I have to say, the contestants this season are the nicest group of people I’ve ever seen. One in particular has stolen my heart. Read on to see why Frankie J. Grande is my favorite BB contestant ever!

F lamboyant! Frankie is gay and proud, which is totally fine by me! He isn’t what you may think of when I say that he is a flamboyant gay man though. His mannerisms are so one-of-a-kind; it takes about 2 minutes of watching him to see that. He's funny, caring, a huge show-off, but also one of the boys with the straight guys in the house. He also loves to change his hair color, which is usually blonde with long, pink hair on top. I did say he’s flamboyant, haha.

R ipped! Frankie is in excellent shape and gorgeous. He clearly takes pride in how he looks by working out a lot. 

A merica’s Choice! America voted on who would be the 3 players to carry out special secret tasks to earn extra money. Frankie, Derrick, and Donny were chosen. Clearly, the viewers adore him too.

N aughty! Oh, man. He is a naughty boy. He's very open and more than happy to introduce gay sexuality to the straight houseguests. NSFW, but no nudity: An oral example of naughtiness; aka. what these BB contestants talk about when they have nothing else to do. 

K ick-ass competitor! Let me tell you, this man can win competitions! He's won a lot of competitions so far, however, his greatest accomplishment was when he won a Battle of the Block competition BY HIMSELF! His partner was Caleb. Since the whole house was angry with Frankie, Caleb decided to throw the competition. This would cause both him and Frankie to stay on the block, and the plan was to vote Frankie out. Caleb wasn't subtle about it either. Oh, no. Caleb was pissed, so he sat down, refusing to play in the competition! So, Frankie had to do the competition by himself, and he won!!! It was one of the most exciting moments in BB history. I was literally screaming out loud, "Oh My Gawd!!!" 

I rristible! The other houseguests flock to him, and they have from the very beginning. What is groundbreaking, in my opinion, is that it’s not just the women that love him, but the men too! The brawny, straight men love him:  "Straight Cody, Caleb, Hayden, and Zach have all gotten touchy with Frankie, because he is ADORABLE!" If I had a dollar for every time he has cuddled with or jumped into the arms of one of the dudes on the show, I’d be a rich woman! This just warms my heart, and it shows me how society is changing.

E ntertaining! This man is hilarious! Just watch this video. (homoerotic "clowning around" and absolutely hysterical!!) He loves to be the center of attention, but amazingly makes people feel like *they* are cherished and important too! He is also SO dramatic. You can tell that his background is theater, and he has over 200K subscribers on YouTube.

There was this moment that was quite tense...
No post would be complete without a mention of Zankie (Zack and Frankie). This is the closest to a gay showmance that BB has ever had. Zack isn’t even gay!!! So he says. LOL Maybe Frankie’s charisma has made him a little bi-curious? Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Zack has said, in the Diary Room, that he is not gay, but *if he was* Frankie would be his man. Frankie tells the Diary Room all the time, he’s just waiting for Zach to make a move. Actually, I’ve heard Zack say lewd things to Frankie, and they cuddle and touch all the time. I think the most telling of their feelings for each other is the level of hurt they both have felt when they thought that they were betrayed by the other. Who knows where this friendship will go after the show, but I can’t imagine that they won’t stay in touch, at least as friends. Their bond is palpable, and I absolutely adore them together.

So, are you a Big Brother addict too? Who do you want to win this season? Let's chat BB!


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