What the Wenches Are Reading

Grace Kelly
Angels, Highlanders, vampires, Marines, and a few everyday Joes have captured our interests this week. We're finishing up our challenge reading, wallowing in an exciting new release, and revisiting old friends ahead of the holiday season that is rapidly approaching, which we are sure will cut into our reading time.

Click through to find out who is enjoying which creatures, and as always, share what you are reading in the comments below.

Amanda: I am still reading Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh. Getting used to the tone of the Guild Hunter series again took me a bit, but I'm really feeling this book now. Stay tuned for the review.

Angela: This week I've started Drums of Autumn (Outlander #4) by Diana Gabaldon. It took me a little while to recall what had happened in the past books and to get Claire and Jamie's ages right. Enjoying it so far. I've decided that medical matters do gross me out. Gabaldon does go into some details. An important thing I learnt is that alcohol is great for getting rid of lice.

Anne: This week is all about Shock & Awe by Abi Roux. I'm going to be reveling in Nick & Kelly for awhile.

Barbara: I'm still working on Halfway to the Grave, whenever I have time to read, and it is delicious after a long break since last I reread the Night Huntress series. It will come as a surprise to exactly no one that I love Bones to a ridiculous degree. Holiday knitting has already begun, so while I do that I've been catching up on Dexter and a few current TV shows. I'm completely in love with The Originals and Sleepy Hollow, and thoroughly enjoying Once Upon a Time and Dracula. There is more TV watching going on in my house than there has been in several years, with all of the paranormal shows doing so well!

Beta: I haven't had much time to read lately, but when I've had occasional minutes here and there I've been continuing my visit with Jamie and Claire in The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. Jamie... *sigh*

Care: I've been flipping back and forth — between a reread of Jen Merrill's If this is a Gift, Can I Give it Back? Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice Exceptional and a reread of Abi Roux's Shock & Awe and Bait & Switch. I've been a pretty sorry little reader this week, and I need to get my backside in gear before the year is over and I abjectly fail my yearly reading goal!

Donna: I'm reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n. I began reading it months ago, after Wench Kat recommended it to me. I was having trouble getting into it and put it down. I'm going to give it another try — she loved it enough to suggest I read it. I'll keep you posted what I think this time around.

Kat: I never got to read a Tangle of Need because the library wasn't able to borrow it from the neighboring town. So disappointed. So I'm reading Junot Díaz's This is How You Lose Her this week. It's interesting so far, and I've found myself chuckling here and there.

Kathi: Real Life had a chokehold on my household this week, so my efforts to reread a book I'd enjoyed recently were repeatedly thwarted. One night, my e-reader's power cord flat-out died, so I found myself forced (!) to read a print (!) book. I decided to finally read The Exile, the graphic novel that retells parts of the first Outlander novel from Jamie Fraser's perspective. I always wondered what it would take to get to me actually read a graphic novel, so now I know! I did enjoy it well enough, and it did add a little something new to the story. I think I'm about ready to join the Drums of Autumn group read in the Saucy Wenches Goodreads group, since that's where I left off in my reread of the Outlander series. (Not to be confused with my occasional rereads of book #1 all by itself!)

Natalie: Aw, how I wish I had the time to read again, but one day time will come. I've been listening to The Help on my iPod to and from work each day, as I started on it during my trip to Michigan last week. I forgot how much I enjoy this book. I have to say, the voices they chose to do the book on CD are great.

Veronica: I started a few different books I received from publishers through NetGalley, but wasn't impressed enough with any of them to get past the 10% mark. I'm in a transition phase right now, trying to decide what I want to read and not really being satisfied with anything. Stay tuned next week to find out if I'm able to discover something to scratch my reading itch.

Zee: I finally got around to Reckoning, a Bones short story by Jeaniene Frost, that Barb has been occasionally reminding me to read, hehe. IT WAS FANTASTIC! Wow... I honestly believe Jeaniene Frost writes THE best short stories in the entire UF/PNR genre! Just.. wow. I also read Rusted Veins by Jaye Wells, a Sabina Kane short story. Loved it. I love seeing how the characters are doing after the series ends. I finally picked up The Name of the Wind (by Patrick Rothfuss) again, after I had put it away around Halloween for some spooky reads, and am definitely getting into it now.


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