What the Wenches Are Reading

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Angela: There hasn’t been very much time for reading lately. My husband and I have been watching Season 3 of The Blacklist.  I’ve managed to read a couple of pages of Blood Mirror (Lightbringer #4) by Brent Weeks. Plus the build up to Christmas has started with kids end of school functions, shared lunches and sport winding down for the year.

Anne: I finished up Wild Things and I’m nearly through Blood Games in my CLV re-read. I’ll continue on that path this week. I also finished Dreamfever and started Shadowfever today. I can barely stand listening to Mac’s grief. It’s killing me almost as much as it’s killing her.

Barb: I finished I'm Judging You, which was fantastic! You follow Luvvie on your favorite social media platform, right? Wherever you get our updates you can get hers and they're always insightful, usually funny, sometimes thought-provoking. The book was the same, and I recommend both highly. Next I started American Queen over because literary smut is always good and I wanted to find the clues I missed the first time. I'm also deciding what non-fiction book to pick up next, which depends on my library's availability.  

Donna: This week I started my reread of Bloodfever, the second in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. Once again, I'm loving the audiobook.

Kathi: This week I reread A Plague of Zombies, a Lord John Grey short story set during the time he was governor of Jamaica. Jamie and Claire Fraser weren’t in the story, but Mrs. Abernathy was, and I enjoyed reading the story while Voyager was fresh in my mind. Then I bid farewell to the Outlander world and picked up The Fireman, the latest novel by someone I’ve been meaning to check out: Stephen King’s son. It begins with a fascinating spore-based plague called Dragonscale that causes victims to break out in colorful markings and burst into flame. Can’t wait to see what happens next.   

 Zee: This week I read Barb's American Queen review here and realized I had to read it ASAP! So trying to get into the reading mood first by reading other stuff I had lying around. I started Tessa Dare's Do You Want To Start A Scandal because I love her and her books make me SO HAPPY. And omg, I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Makes me want to go back and read every single Spindle Cove and Castles Ever After book again.


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