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"I can't read," Garion repeated. "Nobody ever taught me how."
"That's ridiculous!"
"It's not my fault," he said defensively.

She looked at him thoughtfully. [...] Garion could almost hear the little wheels clicking around in her head. "Would you like to have me teach you how?" she offered. It was probably the closest thing he'd ever get to an apology from her.
"Would it take very long?"
"That depends on how clever you are."
"When do you think we could start?"
She frowned. "I've got a couple of books, but we'll need something to write on."
"I don't know that I need to learn how to write," he said. "Reading ought to be enough for right now."
She laughed. "They're the same thing, you goose."

Garion & CeNedra, Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings


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