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"You should've come on me,"he said. I don't know how he can look me in the eye and just say that. Even with the drugs, it wasn't anything I could speak out loud."You'd look hot, really hot."

I didn't feel like talking about the reason why I hadn't, so I threw the tissue into the wastebasket and snuggled up beside him instead.

Even though it was three in the morning and Jacob had to be exhausted, he didn't let it go. "Do it next time, okay? I want to see it, shooting all over my chest."

I sighed.


I rolled over, pulled a pillow against my face and spoke into it. "I have this hangup about the laundry room," I said. Good thing the pillow was there. It sounds dumber aloud than it had in my head. No wonder I worried about taking dirty; talking in general seemed to escape me.

Jacob pressed himself into my back. His body was much warner than mine, tacky with sweat, and his chest hair tickled against my shoulder blades.

"Okay,"he said, and kissed the nape of my neck.

Jordan Castillo Price - Psycop 2 - Criss Cross.


  1. Ummm...okay. I think you just convinced me to read Psycop! The way that quote begins...that's definitely the way to grab my attention and hold it!

  2. These are definately on my list too! Right now, I am thoroughly enjoying Channeling Morpheus by her.

  3. LMAO there there plenty of sex, I assure you Lisa and Amanda. Within the first 10 pages or so in the first book. The best one is in book two, up against a glass condo window. Need I say more, as I don't want to spoil it. The two leads Jacob Marks (who sounds so freakin hot) and Victor Bayne are cops. You know how much a love a good m/m cop novel. I would love it if you read them, then we can discuss.

  4. Holy...*gasp* Amanda, Lisa we should do this one together. Before or after Caught Running. *wink*

    1. LOL Olga, you will love it honest. There is so much more of the above in the books. Oh let me know if you do Caught Running soon. I would love to read again too.

    2. I would definitely be done with a mini-group read on this one! And skimming along at least again with a Caught Running read (re-read for me!) :)

    3. Yes, group read on this one! Count me in!


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